Frankfort Municipal Utilities

Serving our local community Since 1900

Waste Water Treatment

History of Wastewater treatment Plant
The Treatment plant was built in the late 1920’s. There are records that date back to 1929. We are the seventh oldest treatment plant in Indiana. The Original plant by today’s standard was pretty crude but in its day it was state of the art at the time. The Sewage Works as a whole has had three major expansions over time. The first was in 1956. The plant was upgraded and sewers were extended into several areas around town. The next was in 1968 again the plant was expanded and the Del-Monte lagoons were built. In the 1968 work more sewers were installed through out the city. There was also a major lift station installed at the end of Kyger Street to service the industrial park. The main sewer that runs west on State Road 28 was installed. The last expansion was 1978. With this came the present treatment plant. Lift stations were added in the Maish Road area and a lift station was placed at the end of Alhambra Avenue. The new main sewer interceptor running through town was installed in the bank of Prairie creek.

The Operation of the plant is non-stop. We are a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year operation. All of the employees are considered maintenance operators. This allows that all employees can perform any and all tasks that are presented to them. We maintain and work on all of the equipment in house. The only that that is farmed out is a motor repair. All operators are required to be able to run all daily lab tests. We have a complete operational lab. We monitor all of the industrial facilities in Frankfort. We are mandated by the State to operate and maintain a pretreatment program. We land apply all of the Bio-Solids removed from the treatment process. Last year we disposed of 1.6 million pounds of Bio-solids.