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Sewer Maintenance

History of the sewer maintenance dept.

The sewer dept was first established sometime in the early 60’s to take care of the sanitary sewer system.

It was originally setup at the wastewater treatment plant. However in the early 1970’s the city needed the department to take over the storm sewer system and maintain it as well.
With the amount of sewers there were to maintain the dept. was moved to its present location in order for the work force to be more centrally located to their work.

During this time span of the 60’s and 70’s the dept did just mostly cleaning and repairing of catch basins and manhole castings.

As times changed over the year’s equipment was added to the dept so that we could do more for the customers needs.

The dept currently takes care of 90+ miles of sanitary sewers & 70 + miles of storm sewers. We currently clean both sanitary and storms sewer systems televise both systems, smoke test both systems, and make repairs to both systems. We also install new storm and sanitary sewers when the funding is available. In addition to that work we also take care of the catch basins, as far as cleaning, repairing, replacing and installing new when needed. We also take care of installing and repairing sanitary and storm sewer taps to both systems.

We work closely with all the other utility departments as well as the city departments.
All the employees are required to learn all aspects of the job from being a general laborer to equipment operators.

The type of equipment that we use consist of a backhoe, pay loader, dump trucks (from 1 ton to 10 ton in size), a water jet truck for cleaning, a combination truck (water jet and vac truck), draglines, continuous rodder, and a camera unit for televising the inside of the sewer lines.