Frankfort Municipal Utilities

Water Works

2105 W. Armstrong Road

Frankfort, IN 46041

Brief history of department and how it operates.
The Frankfort Water Works was originally privately owned, and was purchased by the City. The work force includes the following sections, maintenance (presently located on McKinley Avenue), plant operators, and meter readers, and a serviceman. Each department reports to the Superintendent. Jobs for the maintenance crew are fairly standard, repairs, new services, valve maintenance, hydrant flushing, and maintenance, main breaks, some new main installation, depending on the size and length of the line. Jobs for the meter readers are basically the meter reading, meter changes, and meter maintenance. The Plant operators make sure the wells are operating properly, as well as the filter plants, and report problems to the superintendent. They will undertake some minor repair, but heavier repairs are contracted out. The Service man is responsible for the turn On’s and turn Offs that occur due to billing, move ins, move outs, etc. All funds that the department receives are either from water sales, or hydrant fees. The budget is based upon the previous year’s income from these sales and fees. Our system has been upgraded recently with the addition of additional 18” mains to tie a new water treatment plant into the distribution system, extension of the distribution system to CR 450 West, which allows us to serve the community of Jefferson, and to make connection to the new 1,000,000 gallon water tower. Since 1980, there have been additions made to the distribution system, the well field addition, water tower painting, SCADA addition, more modernization in the meter reading area. Frankfort’s area has expanded slightly, though not appreciably. Our plants run 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Typical daily pumpage is approximately 4,000,000 gallons, with heavier spikes happening during the summer for summer sprinkling.